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Our Mission

To promote the practice of a systems approach and constraint theory in managing complex systems and educate organizations in its use

To assist commercial businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit/non-governmental organizations in applying the concepts and principles of systems thinking and constraint management

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Quotation of the Month

"The Logical Thinking Process is a Lego thinking protocol for situation improvement."

—Paul Merino, The Time Hunter@SEUILS

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Thriving in a Complex World

A presentation at the CPCU Leadership Conference, Miami 2012

Systems Thinking and the Cynefin Framework

A white paper - November 2011

What is Our Goal?

A monograph - February 2011


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Goal Systems International's network of systems thinking and constraint management experts spans the globe, with associates in North and South America, Japan, Australia, Korea, Europe, and Israel.

  Book: Strategic Navigation  Book: Manufacturing at Warp Speed  Book: Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance   Book: Brainpower Networking

We specialize in world-class...

  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Audits of organizational performance for governing boards
    • Relating independent analysis of executive and operational policy and procedure to measured financial results
  • Corporate holistic problem solving
    • What to change, what to change to, how to implement the change
  • Manufacturing/production improvement
    • Simplified "drum-buffer-rope" (S-DBR)
  • Upstream and downstream supply chain management
    • Applying principles of constraint management to replenishment and distribution
  • Project planning and on-time execution
    • Critical chain project management (CCPM)

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